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About Us

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A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Their professional and human complementarity and their common passion make them pioneers in the field of games, whether it is to manipulate spatial data or to build dedicated infrastructures.
The company has already satisfied many customers around the world. It continues to make itself known by its innovative approach, delivering the solution to the right need, by combining several technologies at very competitive costs.
Its strong point: its strength of proposition for always more value added and operating margin for the customer.

François Pina

Passionate about video games and aviation, began his first games in the 90s. After training in management, a technical career in the aerospace field and some patents in large groups, he founded SPACE REINDEERS with Rudolf.

Rudolf Larregain-Feller

Passionate about creating games, he conceived at the age of 12 years his first games on the first family computers of the 80s. After a few years of study, he will propose projects that will make him enter the largest game publishers to produce bestsellers.
After many years of deploying gaming solutions in many countries (Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America), he founded SPACE REINDEERS on new values ​​with François.

Our Partners

Company History

December 2022

TJL4 second batch delivery


June 2022

TJL4 first batch delivery


January 2022

TJL4 First Article Inspection at customer premices


July 2021

TJL4 design finished 


February 2021

Our new Payment System via NFC/Fingerprint prototype begins its tests


January 2021

SPACE REINDEERS delivers 5 new Lottery terminals prototypes (TJL3) to one of its African Customer


July 2020

SPACE REINDEERS provides a new product of remote applications:

L@O for Light Access Operator


April 2020

Dark Agent BoardGame is available for test on STEAM under Tabletop Simulator.


March 2020

We deploy Fiber Optic link for our Customers accross TCHAD.

A long partnership begins.


January 2020

More than 30 SR-Fastscan solutions, world fastest coupon scanning of its category are used by National Lottery In TOGO ( LONATO).


June 2019

We are present at the TOGO-UE forum to initiate a State Project.


November 2018

We are present at the World Lottery Summit in Buenos Aires.



We produce the world’s fastest coupon reading solution in partnership with CANON, KODAK and ITWS. 


We are connecting by satellite the 6 largest cities in Togo to transfer data from the National Lottery.


Edition of Dark Agent 


SPACE REINDEERS officially exist.


We introduce our innovative concept SPACE REGATTA, linking aerospace to e-sport at the Cubsat Workshop 2014 organized by NASA in Caltech.


We introduce our concept Konsortium, an innovative concept linking the game show to e-sport at the Orange workshops.